Ferran Adrià. Chef. L’Hospitalet del Llobregat, Barcelona, 1962


My first encounter with Oscar’s work was in the restaurant Azulete, many years ago. The impact, both architectural and conceptual, was so powerful that I always say that it marked a “before and after” in my professional life. My previous concept of what a restaurant should be - stiff, formal, overly serious - was banished forever and in its place came an entirely different view. / Light, space, timelessness, were the elements which were to define, which still define, the setting for the eating experience. / Achieving a quality of timelessness is, I believe, the aim of every designer. For me, there are two modern restaurants more than any other which achieve this quality: The Four Seasons in New York and Azulete in Barcelona. / For my future project for the renovation of El Bulli, I will always have your work in mind. Thank you Oscar.