Minivarius, 2008


Producer: BD Barcelona Design

"When the Varius chair was almost 25 years old the possibility occurred to me of designing a cheaper and more versatile alternative that would inherit some of its virtues, above all its ergonomics (which make the Varius a superbly comfortable chair) and its characteristic backrest (considerably more attractive than those of its innumerable and clumsy imitations). On the basis of these achievements that I didn’t want to forgo, I have been able to design a family of seats that includes: an armless chair, a light arm-chair, a swivelling stool, a high stool and bench seating.

    All the versions with four legs are indefinitely stackable in very little space. The shell may be of wood or plastic. The gas-assisted injection moulding of the latter posed a challenge which, once overcome, enabled us to completely dispense with ribs either on the rear of the backrest or on the underside of the seat. I have to acknowledge that the assistance of Bd’s current design department—one of the best, if not the very best, I have worked with in 40 years in the profession—has been fundamental for the crystallisation of this ambitious project."