Busstop Hannover, 1993-1994


Location: Hannover. Alemania

Architect: Oscar Tusquets Blanca


Project Coordinator: Carles Díaz

Architect: Elisenda Tortajada

Structure: Jesús Jiménez

The German city of Hanover initiated an ambitious project for renovation of its public transport network in 1990. Well in advance of the Universal Exhibition which was to be held there in 2001, nine prestigious architects and designers from all over the world were invited to choose a bus stop and design a shelter. The project was named Busstop and, those participating included Ettore Sottsass, Frank Gehry, Alessandro Mendini and Jasper Morrison.
    The underlying idea was to fill the city with small-scale works of art which would characterise the various bus routes and urban districts through which they passed. OTB came up with an ingenious system based on an inwardly slanting two-part roof and a central glass skylight rising in a sharp V-shape. Wave-like curves of the shelter roof hide the rainwater drainage system which is incorporated into the structure. The glass skylight allows those waiting for the tram to enjoy a view of the sky and the vegetation - in Hanover, the magnificent linden trees (“unter den Linden”).