Varius, 1983


Produccer: BD Barcelona Design


Prize Iberdiseño 1990
Prize Fad de la Crítica 1984

The chair's shape was inspired by that of a violin, hence the name - Stradi-varius. If we examine the chair closely, placing backrest and seat together on a single imaginary plane, we quickly see the outline of the violin and its curved lines. However, the Varius, like all OTB's designs, is the result of complex influences, drawn from the history of chair design, artistic form, his personal taste, his obsession with detail.
    Varius comprises an extensive family of chairs. One of the chair's high points is its adaptability. It is suitable for office use, public buildings and facilities and private homes. The wide range of finishes and models available further extends this adaptability.

    This is the outstanding chair in the history of contemporary Spanish design. A success with the public and the critics from the moment it was born. It is the chair that is most recognised, the one that has sold most and the one that has best withstood the passage of time. It can be asserted that it has improved over the years and that it is now one of new classics of design that will be enjoyed by generations to come.