Torre Copisa, 2004-2007


Location: Barcelona


Coordinator: Carles Díaz

Project director: Eduard Permanyer

Structure: Enric Torrent

Superficie construida: 7.041 m2

An inverted tower, an upside-down ziggurat; relatively small compared to its neighbours, but with an important presence in the overall complex that is Plaça Europa. Tower blocks usually decrease in surface area as they rise, yet the top floors are the most requested. We studied a building with a square floor plan and maximum occupation in its top part, and which decreases in surface area, eaten away at the corners, as it descends, reaching its minimum surface area on the ground floor.

    The glazed corners become progressively larger as they near the ground and move away from the light. However, most of the façade shuns the totally glazed curtain wall, a climatic aberration that is indiscriminately used.


(Photographs by Lluís Ros and Gabi Beneyto)