Plus, 1999


Producer: Carlos Jané Camacho

(Out of production)

"This chair was specifically designed for public facilities, to stand up to very heavy use, to stack easily, to fit together side by side to form rows.

    To stand up to rough treatment it has a mixed structure: metal rear legs, where the forces are more demanding and where it does not touch our skin; wood for the seat, backrest, arms and front legs.

In order to stack easily each chair is supported only on the arms of the one below; this is the only way we have found to avoid damage to the seat, if it is upholstered.

    To join up into horizontal rows we invented a system which believe was a real discovery. Each seat is joined to the next one by its own structure, without recourse to any mechanism—exposed or hidden, retractable or extractible: it is simply lifted so that one arm fits over the adjacent one, and the two are indissolubly linked. If you were to examine one chair on its own it would be impossible to guess the joining mechanism."