Casa en el golf, 1978-1979


with Lluís Clotet

Location: Golf de Sta. Cristina d’Aro. Girona


Quantity Surveyor: Santiago Loperena

Interiors: Anna Bohigas

Built area: 200 m2

Residential complex of detached houses built along the prolongation of the grassy course that extends with no fences between the plots. It was essential to create a degree of privacy. For this reason, the house, garage, swimming pool and annexe were laid out in a series of rectangles that turn to protect themselves from the wind and views from the street. While the main rooms look south over the golf course, the service areas look north, over the street. At a vanishing point at the end of the private garden, a gazebo is overgrown with wisteria in spring.


(Photographs by Lluís Casals)