Princess Hotel, 2000-2004


Location: Barcelona

Architect: Oscar Tusquets Blanca


Coordinator: Carles Díaz

Project Manager: Andrés Monzú

Interiors: Fernanda Hannah

Structure: Enric Torrent and Jesús Jimémez

Built area: 18.000 m2

Height: 107 m

"At the start of Barcelona’s longest and most representative avenue stands a site ending in a point, like the prow of a great ship. This location called for a building with an identity of its own. Urban planning regulations stipulated a 25-storey tower block. However, regulatory building levels did not envisage full occupation of the site to this height. This was a judicious decision, as the result would have been a rather squat tower, like almost all of those in the city.

We therefore decided to divide the great tower block in two: two very slender towers, similar but different, communicated only by a bridge with glazed walls and flooring. The slit between the two towers splits the façade facing north of Diagonal, interrupts the long shadowed face and projects a strip of sun onto the avenue."