Monument to Salvador Dalí, 2002


Location: Figueres. Girona

Oscar Tusquets Blanca


Coordinator: Carles Díaz

Structure: Jesús Jiménez

Architect: Gianni Ruggiero

Height: 24 m

"This fountain is not one of Salvador Dalí’s works, it is a monument to him, so it tries to allude to his work. 

    It is not at all easy to transform one of Dalí’s paintings into a three-dimensional work on a grand scale. Such attempts have often verged on the kitsch.

    In this case I have not tried to reproduce a certain picture down to the last detail, but rather to creatively interpret one of the obsessions in Dalí’s work.

    That obsession is for cypress trees, impossible cypress trees. An obsession that has given rise to a multitude of the Master’s pictures and a corporeal work: the cypress that grows out of a boat near the entrance to his house in Port Lligat. An impossible cypress, surrealist in the true sense of the word, like the one that emerges from a white steed, or from a strange trumpet, or that flows from a fountain, or the one that grows out of a grand piano..., all of them imagined and painted by Salvador.

    A cypress that is, from a distance, sufficiently realistic to confuse us on account of its scale—is it a sculpture or a real cypress?

    A cypress from which water springs, water that pours over the Cadaqués slate that surrounds it".