Sonor. Hi-fi Shop, 1965           


Location: Barcelona

Architects: Oscar Tusquets Blanca and Lluis Clotet


Quantity surveyor: Xavier Carulla

Built area: 150 m2

Prize FAD Interiors 1965


The work was carried out jointly with Clotet, before they had finished their degrees, and tried to do many more things than would fit in any standard plan. Originally, the commission was given to Oriol Bohigas and he decided to pass it on to the two promising youngsters who were eager to develop a "system" capable of meeting all the project's demands. The aim was to achieve a luxurious atmosphere, in keeping with the standard of the hi-fi equipment on sale. There was a comfortable and intimate listening area, where the quality of the new and sophisticated sound system could be experienced and enjoyed. Everything was predetermined and designed, right down to the screws used on the door handles.