Unión Lloyd. Maritime travel agency, 1971           


Location: Barcelona

Architects: Oscar Tusquets Blanca and Lluís Clotet


Construction engineer: Santi Loperena

Interior design: Anna Bohigas

Area: 200 m2

"A space with very little facade, long, narrow and located on the ground and basement floors. Recourse to vulgar architecture: the installation of a mirror on one of the walls to visually double the width (in this case the mirror extends into the basement through openings in the floor-slab of the ground floor and it aids visual communication between the two levels).

    We attempted to carry this image to the limit, designing the furnishing unit—which incorporated all the work stations—as half of a symmetrical central unit.

    Openings in the mirror gave access to what lay behind it, just as in Lewis Carroll’s Alice. No longer extant."