Jewellery Nuria Ruiz, 1992           


Location: Barcelona

Architect: Oscar Tusquets Blanca


Project Coordinator: Carles Díaz

Interiors: Eduardo Egozcue

Area: 55 m2

Interior design for a small jewellers in Barcelona, that of the jewelry designer Nuria Ruiz. One of the smallest projects carried out by the TD&A studio, involving the challenge of designing within the confines of an ugly building a space which itself would constitute a kind of jewel, using the semi-precious materials appropriate to the jeweller's craft.

    On the facade, a tiered white marble opening stands out from the glass front to stress the entrance. Inside, a series of columns creates and orders the space. The shaft of the column acts as a show-case in its middle section, with a ventilation grille at the top and drawers at the bottom. Today destructed except the facade.