Bench Catalano, 1975


with Lluís Clotet

Producer: Bd Barcelona Design

In the collection of Museu de les Arts Decoratives de Barcelona


It is a perfect outdoor bench: it doesn't overheat in summer or freeze in winter, it dries quickly after rain, does not accumulate grime, provides good back support, can be used fixed to the ground, free-standing or wall-mounted, is transparent and does not intrude on the urban landscape, is light and easy to transport, can be adjoined to an infinite number of modules on both sides. It is also very economical.

    The bench is made of perforated deployé sheet metal, which ensures that it is both tough and light. Each module measures one metre long and is designed to combine and interlock with other modules at both ends. The contours of the Catalano are an adaptation of the continuous bench designed by Antoni Gaudí in Parc Güell. This was a pioneering design which would be difficult to either simplify or improve upon.