Serpiente, 1983


Producer: Cleto Munari


(Out of production)

7 x 47 x 39 cm

Fruit bowl designed in 1983 for the  Alchimia group's exhibit "La habitación de los esposos" ("Husband and wife's room"), at the invitation of Alessandro Mendini. The exhibit was shown at the Triennale in Milan, as part of the 18th edition of Case della Triennale. The installation referred to the area of harmony between man and woman.

    OTB was asked to design an object that had feminine symbolism, which would be complemented by a masculine sculpture by Mendini. That was the genesis of this fruit bowl, in which a snake and a tray intertwine. The coils of the reptile create the three necessary feet and two handles. Made of silver from a wooden model by Sacchi. Cleto Munari produced several editions of this motif in different sizes.