Tierra y Luna, 1987


Producer: Bd Barcelona Design

(Out of production)

Originally, the idea was to make a rug that would look like a piece of terrain in the countryside, and all the better if it could be round in shape, since there are so few of them. Then the question arose: why not reproduce a picture of the earth? OTB set about finding NASA photographs of planet earth and, finally, in Barcelona's Science Museum, he found one of the few satellite photos in existence which includes a full picture of the entire planet. From this, there now arose the idea of another smaller rug representing the moon. He painted the originals, which were then reproduced in six colours in Turkish knot.

    "Tierra" (the earth) has a diameter of 250 cm, and "Luna" 120 cm, in other words, for practical purposes, the true proportions were not preserved. The main rug serves to define the space, while the smaller one provides orbital support. If the celestial dome has for so many years been depicted on decorated ceilings, why should we not, now that we know what the view from above is, have the earth under our feet?