with Esther Tusquets

Editorial Bruguera/Ediciones B, 2012



Spanish and Catalan editions

 “I always expected that, writing that four hands book, we would discover lots of things about both of us, but I never suspected that the surprises would be so great and that they would compel me to partially change the image I had about my own history.”

    Esther Tusquets


Childhood and youth memories, Tiempos que fueron is an exciting two voices tale that discovers us the literary and personnel world of Esther and Oscar Tusquets, as much as familiar histories that were unknown until the moment: the father’s figure, that gave up medicine for edition, and the mother, a distant woman advanced to her time, the convulse period that followed the Spanish Civil War, the Second World War and the first sketches of the Transition to democracy.

    Identity, childhood and adolescence souvenirs, the brothers relationship, the memory mechanisms and the past reconstruction. An extraordinary testimony about a family and a time.


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