Ignacio de Lassaletta.  October 2016

Before travelling to London and Benidorm, and taking profit of the narrow relationship with Ignacio and Rod de Lassaletta, this visual tribute to the city of Benidorm will be exhibited in Barcelona.  The project, developed with the collaboration of Eva Blanch, includes oils, watercolours, drawings, collages and videos. Thoughts of the artist, among those of other profesionals, complete the exhibition.

     "My fascination with Benidorm, not a recent thing but something that goes back almost half a century, scandalises most intellectuals and people of "good taste", but it is shared by renowned sociologists, town planners and architects, as well as hundreds of thousands of tourists. This exhibition is in homage to the apparently chaotic, but tremendously energetic, activity that this city generates, an activity that is reinforced by its aesthetic qualities, which are bewildering, but exactly right."  OTB