Doble X, 1994


Producer: Moroso

(Out of production)

"It looks like a folding chair but in fact it’s a stackable chair.

    A chair that can be stacked indefinitely high, vertically, so that the stack remains in balance without the need for support by a trestle or barrow.

    If the chair acquires arms it can still be stacked without problems.

The design of these arms makes it possible to link each chair to an adjacent one to form rows in classrooms and conference halls. To release it, it is simply lifted; seen on its own, it gives away nothing of its linking ability.

    A simple writing tablet can be fitted to one of the arms.

    As well as a wheeled model, we have studied a system for mounting on a rail, very simple, without having recourse to injected or cast pieces, using only steel tube and sheet."