La Coupole, 1989-1992


Administrative building (west wing)

Location: Quartier Antigone, Montpellier
Collaborator: Pancho Aiguavives
Urban planning: Ricardo Bofill

In my work as a planner classical architecture signifies the irrational passion of you that I continue to be faithful to after discovering its wise rules over years.
    Though it is moving to follow the rules, when they are not arbitrary but dictated by reason and experience, consciously infringing them is much more thrilling. Without a knowledge of history there is not the opportunity to extend the chain of the obedience that has been traced out.
     Without the sense of sin there is no pleasure in transgression. The ignorant delinquent who does wrong with no fear of eternal condemnation is a poor wretch."

     OTB, November 1992