Punta Brava, 2003


Location: Punta Brava. Sant Feliu de Guixols, Girona
Collaborator: Aryanour Dialali
Project Manager: Carlos Alejandro

The most difficult and most important part of this project -that we were, unfortunately, forced to abandon in mid construction- was to understand the extremely complex terrain and to know how to place the building on it. The lower part of the site, quite flat and accessible from the street, had very little appeal to place the house there.  As we ascended, the terrain became more and more attractive, culminating with fantastic views.

     Towards the West you could see the urbanization Punta Brava, but the view was even better towards the East, with the sea and the coast of Sant Feliu. For this reason, we insisted in locating all the rooms oriented to one of these two views; the best ones oriented to the East and all of them at the highest possible level. Constructing a long pool in such rugged terrain was a remarkable challenge.


(Photographs by Carlos Alejandro)