Starry Pyramid, 2018


85 x 82 x 82 cm

A pyramid shaped tabernacle.
Leather covered faces, coarse and masculine on the outside, delicate and feminine on the inside.
The top, a brilliant pyramidon.
The base, a luminous pavement whose light filters through the holes that form four stars.


    The Starry Pyramid is the result of the invitation to participate in the great exhibition Homo Faber held in Venezia from September 14 to 30, 2018. Michele de Lucchi selected eight designers from different European countries. The high level of this selection motivated me to accept the invitation with enthusiasm.

   Each one of us had to choose a material and an artisan who would share the authorship of the object. I chose the leather and Pere Ventura, an exceptional saddler with whom I had the pleasure of working in the Gaulino chair. De Lucchi requested us a precious box, a tabernacle that contained its own light.

   As always happens to me, I respected the proposed theme in a disciplined manner.


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