March 2018

Drawings and documents made by Lluís Clotet and Oscar Tusquets Blanca in 20 years of collaboration, in an exhibition organized by COAC.

In the background of the so-called Col.leccions COAC, the exhibition CLOTET_TUSQUETS (1960-1980) shows documents and objects that both architects have donated to the Col.legi d'Arquitectes de Catalunya, focused on their twenty years of intimate collaboration. The exhibition runs from their first works, such as the interior design of Col.legi Major de Peñafort or the emblematic Belvedere Georgina, going through objects such as the successful Campana AE or the Banco Catalano, to their later and more complex works.
      Drawings, plans, watercolours. Pencil, vegetal paper, graph paper. Two decades of manual work fill the furniture-screens that both architects have specially designed for this and further exhibitions as a present to COAC.
     “This exhibition is a tribute to drawing" - said Lluís Clotet in his inaugural speech- "a discipline that forces you to think constantly. You can’t draw something that you don’t understand. Drawing forces you to answer your questions, to specify, because any forgetfulness, any lack of definition or any doubt, is made evident. Most of them are work drawings, not done for the client. There is no artistic purpose, drawing is just a tool for reflection. We are maybe the last generation to have worked this way.”
   Images of relevant photographers such as Oriol Maspons, Colita, Jaume Blassi, Leopoldo Pomés and Lluís Casals, complete an exhibition that aims to bring the work to the public.


CLOTET_TUSQUETS (1960-1980) at COAC from 7 Abril

Col.legi d'Arquitectes de Catalunya

Plaça Nova 5, Barcelona