François Burkhardt. Design theorist. Winterthur, Germany, 1936


(From the Latin pulsus et templum)
The ability that only a very few people have of displacing buildings consecrated for Christian worship (in everyday language, the word “temple” is used to refer to Protestant churches). / 1. Ritual practised in pagan and Hindu ceremonies, the purpose of which is to endow the priest with the divine power of physically displacing objects. / 2. Name given in the Middle Ages to the diabolical forces pledged to fight against the power of the Roman Catholic Church. / 3. Expression used in Catalan to describe actions which further the interests of the community; result of an intervention by Oscar Tusquets Blanca (1941-2043) who, in the year 2000 (a Jubilee Year of the Holy Catholic Church), succeeded in displacing a place of worship in downtown Barcelona and replacing it with a public square.