Forum Design

Linz, Austria. 1980


with Lluís Clotet
Sculptor: Francisco López
Fashion Designer: Antonio Miró
Economist: Narcís Serra

This was an experimental forum on design from the thematic, historical, business and personal points of view of designers themselves. The latter heading brought together designers and artists such as Christopher Alexander, Rebecca Horn, Morris Lapidus, Sol Lewitt, Raymond Loewy, Mario Merz, Pentagram, Ettore Sottsass, and Clotet-OTB, used the opportunity to offer an interesting conceptual and economic reflection on the value of things. They entitled it: "De qué se puede disfrutar por 10 pesetas al día? (What can you enjoy for 10 pesetas per day?), and in various display cabinets some twenty different options were on show.

    For example, for 10 pesetas per day it was possible, in 1980, to throw nine streamers, smoke two-and-a-half cigarettes, rent 2 square metres of housing, or have one 100-watt light bulb on all day. One could also enjoy three trees, taking into account their purchase price, depreciation and maintenance costs. Another display cabinet showed the reproduction of an eighth of a cow, the portion of the animal which corresponded to 10 pesetas per day, taking into account its purchase price of 12.000 pesetas, its life duration of 10 years, its depreciation of 328 pesetas per day, and its maintenance cost of 77 pesetas.

    Each person, with his or her own peculiar circumstances, had to decide on which daily life option they wished to spend their money. This was an intellectual game, an elegant piece of fun, but the concept was difficult to understand and not easy to convey to the  public at large, an aspect which worried OTB and led him gradually to distance himself from conceptualism. Interestingly, the proposal involved the collaboration of the then young economist Narcís Serra, who would later become Vice-President of the Spanish government.