Corset, 2003


Producer: Amat-3

(Out of production)

"Corset is a chair we started to study ten years ago. It hardly seems credible because looking at the final result you might have thought that the design had come to us at a stroke.

    To design another stackable chair, with arms and without them, with a plastic shell and a metal structure, which is original without being banal, is almost impossible. That is what we have tried to do.

    The memory of the insuperable Jacobsen is always present, but it does have one limitation—the proper introduction of the arms—which I feel we have resolved quite neatly.

    Injection-moulded plastic always reveals on one side the differences in thickness that appear on the other. We made a virtue out of this necessity: the essential ribs on the rear face are made evident at the front, turning them into an element that gives the chair personality and justifies the name it was finally given."