(More than Questionable)

Tusquets Editores. 1994



Published in Spanish

Press article: "Madurez vital", Diseño Interior (Download)

These “scattered” observations are only apparently so, because Oscar Tusquets is at once an architect, a designer and a painter. And if he jumps from “warm praise of the shadows” to a “justification for easiness”, from consideration of the “beautiful and photogenic” to comments on “artists, arrivistes and spouses” or “free time (?)” to “industrial design (?)”, it is because for him each thing forms part of a personal view of the world. The eye with which he observes everything—from the most serious to the most trivial, an eye that is at once critical and tender, cheeky and sympathetic—prompts us to compare opposites and discover that, when all is said and done, everything is more than questionable in the world of motley shapes that surrounds us and with which we surround ourselves, as well as in the multiple, paradoxical ways of life that we are obliged to adopt or which we freely choose.


Interiew of Juli Capella and Quim Larrea at Babelia, El País