Belvedere Georgina, 1970-1972


with Lluís Clotet

Location: Llofriu, Girona


Quantity surveyor: Santiago Loperena

Interiors: Anna Bohigas

Built area: 66 m2

"It was hard to imagine a very small, isolated dwelling in this landscape. These little houses, with features borrowed from great mansions on a reduced scale, are generally rather chichi. We saw more potential in taking a different object, conserving its true dimensions and adapting it to the function of a dwelling. We admired the acumen with which some architects in history had inserted small buildings with their own personalities without having to mask them in the terrain. The simple, rounded, geometric forms of gazebos, rotundas and belvederes were the best solution we could imagine. Inserting a functional dwelling into a Palladian belvedere seemed not only possible, it also generated some unwonted superpositions."



    (Photographs by Jaume Blassi, Oriol Maspons, Lluís Casals and OTB)