Mae West Room. Teatro Museo Dalí, 1975


Location: Figueres. Girona

Oscar Tusquets Blanca and Salvador Dalí


Interiors: Mireia Riera

Quantity surveyor: Pedro Aldámiz

Area: 140 m2

"This project was the product of friendly collaboration with Salvador Dalí. I suggested creating a room in his museum that, seen from a particular viewpoint, would reproduce a two–dimensional image, that of his famous Face of Mae West (which may be used as an apartment), painted by the artist in 1936, at the height of the surrealist moment. The painting, in turn, represents a room, becoming an interplay in which a space is created to reproduce a plane that, in turn, represents a room.

    The only entrance to this room in the museum is at the side, so the space is incomprehensible until we stand at the axis and climb the steps that take us to the viewpoint that coincides with the painting".