Palau de Casavells, Girona. August-September 2011

The twenty-four works by the artist selected for this exhibition revolve round the sea and the beach, pinewoods, heat and sarongs, a shower in the open.., round the many SUMMERS in our lives. The exhibition includes some paintings that have already been shown as well as more recent ones that have not been seen in public before, such as the large water-colours Naranjo borde and Algarrobo loco y manguera and the oils Afrodita en la ducha.
    Palau de Casavells is a large and exceptionally sophisticated space in the middle of the Empordà district of north-eastern Catalonia, which is run by Jacobo Valentí and Miquel Alzueta. OTB’s works hang alongside furniture and sculptures of different styles and periods in a subtle, refined blend.