Ashtray Delirio, 1992


Producer: Disform

(Out of production)

In the collection of Museu de les Arts Decoratives, Barcelona

Ashtray in the shape of a lily; hence the name of the piece,  which aims to take the drama out of this smoker's accessory. It is a metal flower which gently rests on the ground to collect ash and swallow up those troublesome cigarette ends... the latter are extinguished thanks to the lack of air in the slim tube supporting the flower and can be disposed of by unscrewing the bottom.

    This design was born out of the Casa Barcelona project, organised by Olimpiada Cultural in 1991, in which various designers created objects designed to be produced for a hypothetical contemporary house during the 1992 Barcelona Olympics. When Disform ceased to produce it, OTB redesigned an improved version for the company Driade.