Cooker hood Camp, 1969


with Lluís Clotet

Producer: Bd Barcelona Design

(Out of production)

While OTB was working on restaurant design at the Correa-Milá studio, the problem arose of how to prevent kitchen smells and solve other related problems such as the steam, condensation and staining caused by cooking. Finding no satisfactory equipment available on the market to solve these problems, Clotet and OTB, with virtually no design in production, took on the complex challenge of designing an extractor hood. In 1967, they created their first prototype, the "Camp", for the Polinax company, which resembled one of the crazy inventions of the Spanish comic-book character, Dr Franz de Copenhague; it incorporated a metal runner attached to the wall, allowing the transparent metacrylate hood to be moved up and down.

    It drew its inspiration from the world of the chemistry laboratory: glass cabinets with openings through which the contents could be manipulated, with an adjoining extractor. There were four objectives: that it should provide good visibility, maximum performance, easy cleaning and flexible position. It was a self-contained appliance that could be used with any kind of kitchen furniture.