Wall clock Nautilus, 1996


Producer: Mobles 114

(Out of production)

The commission was for a wall clock and the idea lay in presenting time as something infinite and asymmetrical. The traditional 12-hour sphere, representing only half a day, is really nothing more than a received convention.

    With its spiral form, Nautilus is an evocation of the continuity of time and its lack of repetition - no beginning no end. Thus the sphere is not closed but rather opens up as if projecting itself towards infinity, like the spiral of a nautilus - the sea snail. The base is made of ABS plastic and is protected by glass. The numbers are the work of graphic artist Ricardo Rousselot, and are inspired in monumental Roman lapidary script, specifically Trajan's column in Rome which dates from the first century BC - the beginning of our era; what better way to count the passing of time!