(Love and Death)
Ignacio de Lassaletta. November 2014 - January 2015

The painting exhibition opens with lovable themes, that is that they are all worth loving: caresses, Sea, Barcelona, Empúries, England, trees, flowers, my daughter ... It goes on with beloved women, more or less undressed, thoughtful, tearful and approaching tragedy: Bullfight, Daphne, Ophelia ... It finishes in a kind of sacred small space with themes related to death and religion: a surgical intervention, a recumbent man on the operating table, a woman at a funeral, Menorca’s cemeteries, dead animals, a martyr, an angel ...

The works were carried out from 1976 to few days before the exhibition; nearly forty years grouped around an eternal theme.

The exhibition comes to an end with wooden sculptures from Escaleras Esenciales and with some designs that are already out of market.