Enciclopedia Treccani, 2019

It was the wish of the publishing house, that maintains one of the few universal encyclopedias printed on paper, to launch a limited edition customized by me.

    Understandably - with the help of graphic designer Eva Blanch - we could not intervene in already printed interiors, but only on covers and guards.

    The first task consisted of modifying the anagram: compromised graphic interpretation of the beautiful original sculptural relief of the twenties.

    For the outer binding, respecting the serious and formal nature of the publication, we chose a violet skin and a Bembo typeface. We did also modify the hierarchy of the different headings.

    For the guards, we used the image of the labyrinth (something of Borges and Eco) as a symbol of knowledge: where all the letters and numbers lost on the way seek their place in the encyclopedic center.