Arena Den Bosch, 1993-1998


Location: Den Bosch, Holanda

Architect: Oscar Tusquets Blanca


Project Manager: Andrés Monzú

Built area: 23.000 m2

Finalist  Architectuurprijs Stad’s-hertogenbosh 2000


A plaza for a variety of uses (shops, housing and car parking) on the edge of the lovely historical centre of Den Bosch. A dialogue between the circular geometry of the tall buildings, the square geometry of the glazed central canopy and the perimeter, which relate to their surroundings. The ring of buildings has a radial symmetry in its floor plan but the adaptation to solar lighting—highly advisable in these latitudes—gives rise to an asymmetrical elevation: low rise in the south section and more storeys to the north.

    Access to the plaza is via a “bite” formed by the outer halo that resolves the meeting of the pedestrian streets. It is a two-level plaza: the upper level is sunlit, open-air and surrounded by small shops, and the lower is like a greenhouse, ringed around by larger stores.