Rafael Azcona. Film scriptwriter, Logroño, 1926, Madrid 2008


A man once ordered a pair of trousers from a Jewish tailor. The tailor took six months to finish the trousers. On trying them on, the client remarked sarcastically: “Adonai created the world in six days, and it has taken you six months to make a pair of trousers?” The tailor sighed and, casting his eyes towards the window, replied, “Look at that world” And then, turning proudly to the fruit of his labours, said, “And now, look at those trousers!” / Dear Oscar: I was reminded of this joke while looking through the edition of ARDI which featured yourself in 1988: in the interview you mentioned what would be the title of your book, a title and indeed a book which I see not so much as a pious reference to the Divine Maker (who or whatever it may be) as a proclamation of your love for a job well done. I know that I have no right to reduce your work to a simple demand for perfection, but my lack of expertise in the fields in which you endeavour and triumph disqualifies me from making any other interpretation, and I prefer to “include me out” (as the film mogul Goldwyn used to say at moments of modesty) rather than fall into ridicule.