Ágape, 1993


Prototype: Andreu World

(Out of production)

"These chairs were designed to be used at a table. As well as emphasising comfort in an erect posture, appropriate for eating or working on the table-top, the design pays great attention to the relationship between the table-top and the backrest.

    I have always been intrigued by the fact that on chairs from any historical period the front legs are more richly decorated than the back ones. I believe that this phenomenon harks back to the time when seating was arranged against the wall rather than round the table, where the front legs are practically hidden and the back ones acquire all the protagonism. Now, nonetheless, chairs are pulled up to the table, and although many of them look fine from behind, very few of them take account of the frontal view, partly hidden by the table-top, which arbitrarily breaks up the outline of the backrest.

    Ágape is almost one chair inside another: one, upholstered, remains below the table, while another, made of wood, holds it head (all of it) above it."