Colonia Güell, 2001-2004


Location: Santa Coloma de Cervelló, Barcelona


Coordinator: Carles Díaz

Project director: Pep Palaín

Structure: Enric Torrent and Jesús Jiménez

Quantity surveyor: Susana Pavón

Built area: 14.857 m2

"The heritage value of the Colònia Güell is indisputable, and the two buildings in question are the site’s best. The factory volume, with the judicious proportion and ordered repetition of its openings, grants the complex a dignity that is deserving of respect. For this reason, the façades were completely restored. For the new services (stairways, lifts, toilets, etc.), we designed a new building at the centre of each of the existing ones, a contemporary, technological, incombustible building that contrasts with the old one. To this end, the stairways are made of steel and glass, and the outer walls are bright blue glazed brick."



(Photographs by Rafael Vargas and Agustín Amate)