Performed furniture, 1992


with Robert Descharnes and Joaquim Camps

Producer: Bd Barcelona Design

“During the ‘thirties Dalí filled entire notebooks with sketches for various furniture designs which he would have liked to see in the cinema, used as advertising props or have in his own house. These were objects of high symbolic content and refined formal value.
While Salvador was still living, Robert Descharnes and I discussed the possibility of producing some of those surrealist Dalí designs which, for various reasons, Salvador had been unable to make at the time. From hundreds of drawings Robert and I made a selection of the most viable ones.
     The precedent of the furniture would be the mouth-shaped Dalilips settee which Salvador and I made for the  Mae West room  in Figueres Museum. During that time I learnt that Dalí was a great thinker, almost a conceptual artist. He didn’t like to have anything to do with the details, which he normally left to me. Behind the Dalilips the door was left open for future work together, as was this collection created twenty years later.
     In the execution of this project, Robert, I and the sculptor Joaquim Camps came very close to what Salvador Dalí himself would have done had he had the opportunity to produce this furniture. Dalí used to say that the best of his work were the ideas and the worst the practical realization. He did even have the idea that, in little white envelopes, as if it was a tombola, and at extremely high prices, the ingenious ideas could be bought. We inherited one of those envelopes and made it come true.”

In the photos:
The first image, from left to right:
Lámpara Bracelli (drawn by Dalí in 1937 for Jean-Michel Frank)
Lámpara Cajones (drawn by Dalí in 1937 for Jean-Michel Frank)
Lámpara Muletas (drawn by Dalí in 1937 for Jean-Michel Frank)
The second image:
Vis-à-vis Dalí de Gala (drawn by Dalí in 1937 for Jean-Michel Frank)
At the second image, a detail and the Sillón Leda.
In the center the Mesa baja Leda (both of them painted by Dalí in 1935 for the picture Femme à la tête de rose).
At the last image, Femme à la tête de rose, 1935.